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An Artist’s Guide to Being More Creative

How to Build, Honor and Support a Creative Life

by Pam Fingado


A step by step guide for becoming more creative. This book provides support and direction for artists and would-be artists in all disciplines starting with the initial creative spark and moving through presentation in the marketplace. Artists learn how to identify their artistic purpose, define objectives and develop a successful plan that implements strategies to insure creative growth and the the tools to sustain a creative life.


Maybe you’ve seen a picture on Pinterest or a print in a book, a photograph in a gallery, or a painting in a museum and you think to yourself you’d like to do something similar. Maybe you just finished reading an inspiring novel, were moved to tears by a powerful play, or attended a performance that left you exhilarated, then thought, I want to do something like that. The arts provide culture—and a means to express and enrich our humanity. Whatever your desire—to write poetry or put lyrics to music, paint or craft two-dimensional work, sculpt, throw a pot, act, sing, or perform—there is a need to share your story with others and communicate thoughts and feelings through an art form. Maybe you dream about having the time or money to take a drawing class or do some creative writing. Whatever the dream, or wish or fleeting fantasy, recognize the desire to make something personal and unique. This book will get you started on your creative journey. You will become familiar with the creative process; learn how to face your gremlins; side step procrastination and find the support you need to become creative and stay creative. An easy to read guide, this book is full of ideas that inspire and motivate. Whether you are a seasoned artist who needs to rekindle their creativity or a blossoming artist who needs direction, there is information here that will help you identify your creative voice.

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