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“Through the use of color, line and shape I am able to express mood, sensations, tension and energy.” ~ Pam Fingado

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Meditation Series

This series is designed to pull the viewer from the physical sensations of light and color into the inner world of consciousness. My work is meant to simulate the meditative experience. Light and depth are blended and illusory. Most forms are undefined and floating. For this series, I begin each painting meditating on one the seven chakras, which are defined as major junction points between consciousness and the body. Each chakra is associated with a color and a specific vibration. The physical feelings, sensations, and memory associated with each chakra are combined with another meditative focusing device, the mandala. These meditation tools and subsequent experiences constitute the subject matter in my current series. Meditation art for sale.


Paper Mandala Series

Each art piece comprises twelve mandalas or decorative circles placed in a grid format. Materials used include decorative folded and cut paper, craft materials, pearls, sequins, acrylic, and ink collaged and adhered to Canson, acid-free paper. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. Mandalas are defined as geometric designs located within a circle and enclosed in a square. The circle represents the universe. Mandalas are used as a tool to aid in meditation. They play an important spiritual part in Hinduism and Buddhism. Paper Mandala art for sale.


The Garden of Wonder & Delight Series

The Garden of Wonder & Delight Series includes images that are bright and whimsical. Using decorative and exotic paper, acrylic paint, glitter and various craft elements I’ve turned my love of nature into an imaginative environment full of swirls, shapes, and otherworld blooms. My intention was to draw the viewer into a slice of a stylized and ideal garden.

I have been influenced by the diagonal perspective and compressed space used by 19th Century Japanese printmakers; the flat planes of the mid 20th Century abstract artists and the decorative cut paper pieces of European folk art. Garden of Wonder & Delight art for sale.



Digital prints/Giclee Prints

This series is primarily about my desire to play with and explore color. The dots are random and intended to replace the circles and mandalas of my past work. The pattern of dots creates a path across the composition reminding me of a journey across the universe or in this case, the paper. The dots are reminiscent of New Zealand Aboriginal drawings and similarly, they start with a ritual before they tell a story or a recall a dream. As always my work starts with the ritual of meditation.

The Giclee prints are generated from a digital drawing and painting application, called Brushes, which is done on my iPad. The works of British artist, David Hockney, who used this same technology, inspired me. After seeing his exhibit of iPad drawings in “David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition” at the de Young Museum, in San Francisco, I decided to purchase the app and apply my own ideas. Giclee art for sale.


Monotypes with Mixed Media Series

These monotypes combine elements from “The Garden of
Wonder and Delight” and “The Meditation Series.” Exploring these elements invited play and mystery, a constant tug of war with reality and illusion, and real and abstracted shapes. Adding pattern with paint, glitter and decorative paper made a delightful stew of vines sprouting miniature mandalas or circular shapes that drift and float similar to what I experience during meditation. Although I did not intend for these to be meditative pieces, I enjoyed using the printmaking process as a way of extending and expressing the thoughts and imagery from the two prior series. Montoypes for sale.

Fingado Art price list download


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