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Artist Statement

A Native Californian
As a native Californian born in San Francisco and living in the East Bay Area, I have enjoyed hiking the local hills, visiting the regional parks and driving to the Pacific Coast. I am fortunate to view the San Francisco Bay from my home and value the bright California light, the green and gold of the hills as well as the blue of the ocean. This natural environment influences my choice of colors and palette.

My art always starts with an exploration into color, shape and pattern. This is the thinking and visual part of the creative process. Internally, my ideas are always churning, shaped by experience and driven by emotion. It is in this blend of heart, mind and body that I get a glimpse of what I have hidden from myself and therefore need to reveal through my art.

Sharing is Healing
Sharing my art is healing as well as transformative both for myself as well as others. I can share my inspiration. I can enlighten, entice, please, and give rise to new ideas. Most importantly, art is the vehicle by which I can connect authentically to others. It serves my socialization. In sharing my art and process with others I am rewarded in return with their art, ideas and opinions. This exchange feeds my creativity. My life is ultimately blessed and enriched through art and the community in which it is shared.

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